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Sharp Shape AOMS 3D Laser Foot Scanner 1

3D Laser Foot Scanner, Model USB3D

Sharp Shape AOMS 3D Laser Foot Scanner 2

Easy Operation with the Foot Scanner

Sharp Shape AOMS 3D Laser Plaster Cast Foam Scanner

3D Laser Cast Scanner, Model USBLSX

Sharp Shape AOMS CAD-CAM Software

Accurate Scan Images and Measurements

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT handheld wireless iPad Foot Scanner

AOMS TOT iPad Foot Scanner

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT handheld wireless iPad Foot Scanner Appearance

AOMS TOT iPad Foot Scanner Appearance

Sharp Shape AOMS CAD-CAM Software 2

Popular AOMS™ CAD/CAM Software

Sharp Shape AOMS EVA Insoles Inserts

Carved EVA insoles out of CNC routers

Sharp Shape AOMS Insole Accommodations

Enhanced accommodative pads

Sharp Shape AOMS Orthotic Production Manufacturing System

Carved orthotics still in polypro block

Sharp Shape AOMS Orthotic Production Manufacturing System 2

Carved orthotics out of polypro blocks

Sharp Shape AOMS Wood Mold Cast Orthotic

Carved molds out of CNC machines

Example Frame

Sharp Shape provides a self-sufficient, automated orthotic production and fabrication system called AOMS (Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System). We design and make 3D scanners and CAD/CAM orthotic software packages. We also provide system integration and training services. Although we do not carry CNC machines and 3D printers, we treat them as "off-the-shelf" products and they can be purchased from customers’ territories with our consultation. Our system capabilities can be found in this document: AOMS Capacity. A complete product and service line of orthotic automation has been formed during the past twenty three years. They are listed in the following.


A mobile, handheld foot scanner and orthotic manufacturing solution package, just out of beta testing. For information regarding this wireless iPad foot scanner and the orthotic production system, please visit the AOMS TOT information page. If you want to set up / install the iPad foot scanner and the AOMS TOT app, please visit the system requirements, setup and tutorial page.

AOMS TOT MILL (New)- newly developed orthotic manufacturing process:

AOMS TOT MILL is a new automated orthotic manufacturing process. It emphasizes simplicity with the latest new technologies. Click the AOMS TOT MILL info page for details.

AOMS Mold System - foot molds milled/carved from wood boards:

AOMS Mold System is the most popular system because of its versatility and easiness to learn and to operate. All kinds of materials, like polypropylene, polyethylene, graphite, cork, etc. can be used with the milled molds. You can click the following picture to view a larger version.

Sharp Shape AOMS Mold System - Milled Wood Molds

AOMS Orthotic-Shell System - orthotic shells milled/carved from polypropylene blocks:

AOMS Orthotic-Shell System is the most labor-saving system because it skips the process of thermo-forming plastic on top of a positive mold. Minimal labor remains after milling.

Sharp Shape AOMS Orthotic System - Milled Orthotic Shells

AOMS Insole System - insoles milled/carved from EVA sheets:

AOMS Insole System is getting more popular because more and more shoe businesses are getting into the custom orthotic service, and more and more orthotic labs are getting into the shoe business. Custom shoe inserts can be made from the milling system. If you choose, three spindle heads can be mounted on the CNC router and three identical pairs of insoles can be carved at the same time. It increases productivity.

Sharp Shape AOMS Insole System - Milled EVA Insoles

3D Laser Foot Scanner, Model USB3D

This is electronic imaging equipment designed for podiatrists working with patients' feet. The current podiatric/clinic 3D digital foot scanner is the third generation of the product line. It is accurate and compatible with our CAD/CAM foot orthotic system. It is part of our orthotic system solutions.

3D Laser Cast Scanner, Model USBLSX

This is electronic imaging equipment designed for the labs or podiatry groups who normally work with patients' negative foot casts. Impression foam can also be scanned with certain limitations. It has been proven to be accurate and reliable in many orthotic labs.

Semi-Custom and Prefab Orthotic Design Package

For use in labs and doctor’s offices, this serves as an alternative subsystem to make devices to relieve patients' minor symptoms that do not justify a more costly fully customized device. It is also meant to reduce costs in orthotic production. This is a newly developed package. Please make an inquiry if you are interested.

Matching System

Evolved from the above package, this matching system has emerged. This system utilizes our scanners and the customers' existing orthotic library to produce matches using a software package developed by us. It saves the expenses on mill and time in cast corrections. We have installed three such systems. Please contact us for details.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) Program in AOMS

Using this program, the user is able to apply biomechanical corrections and controls to the scanned casts according to doctors' prescriptions. From a generic correction base, we customize our program to the correction types preferred. It is the most widely used software in all orthotic systems.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Program in AOMS

Using this program, the user is able to schedule the placement of devices on the mill and generate a milling toolpath file. We customize our program to almost any CNC mill or router that you choose for your system. It has been adapted to many types of orthotic mills and routers.

Installation and Training

Installation and training are provided at the customer's location. A setup trip is used to integrate the whole system and to provide adequate training for the operator(s). If you choose a simple solution, such as a hub system, the setup trip may be waived. We have set up many custom foot wood-mold production systems, custom polypropylene orthotic shell production systems, and custom EVA insole manufacturing systems. After 10 years since the business establishment in 1993, AOMS became the most popular and advanced orthotic fabrication system.


Provided for choosing the market products, such as CNC mills/routers, computers, and networks. We also help you on your own research and development.


Scan Program Tutorial: Processing Functions

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Scanner Operation Tutorial

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