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AOMS TOT Fit iOS app is designed for foot professionals, such as orthotists, podiatrist, and shoe-insert makers. It is used to assist them to manufacture foot orthoses and shoe inserts. Semi-custom foot orthoses can be designed from the app. The output 3D files generated from the app are mainly used for 3D printing now. The app is innovative and has a potential in the industry. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

During each and every economic downturn in our 28-year history, we have more time to spend on our R&D. As result something new comes out, which often changes the way we make foot orthotics. There is no exception during this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic season. We developed a product called ‘AOMS TOT Fit’.

AOMS TOT Fit changes the way we make foot orthotics. Instead of using plaster for foot molds, and instead of using a personal computer with CNC milling machines, we now are using iPad or iPhone to make the orthotic designs, and we then make the orthotic device on 3D printers. When holding the iPad in hands with the AOMS TOT Fit showing foot and orthotic moving and fitting together, it looks somewhat surreal.

Sharp Shape always innovates. Thirty years ago, almost every podiatrist used plaster bandages to cast patient’s feet and almost every orthotic lab used plaster slurry to pour foot molds. Right now, many podiatrists use 3D scanners and almost every decent orthotic lab is using some kind of automation system, and in large, plaster molds have been replaced by the MDF, which is Medium Density Fiberboard. Among these systems, AOMS is the biggest player. AOMS system is the pioneer of using the MDF in the orthotic manufacturing.

Foresee the future, Sharp Shape believes orthotic manufacturing methods are gradually changing to mobile computing. Compared with personal computers, iPad or iPhone has the portability. The modern mobile devices can scan feet accurately and 3D images can be presented in mobile devices nicely.

Besides, 3D printing is getting popular. Compared with CNC milling, 3D printing will reduce waste dramatically. When orthotics are made with polypropylene on a CNC milling machine, about 90 percent of the material go to waste. With 3D printing, almost all the materials are used on the orthotics. Currently we are still expecting for the price drop of 3D-printing. But that should change in foreseeable future.

Is AOMS TOT Fit a competitor to orthotic labs?

Sharp Shape has been helping orthotic labs since its beginning and there is no different this time. One must realize that technology advances and there is no way to turn its direction based on an individual’s desire. If Sharp Shape doesn’t do it, sooner or later, some else will do it. Sharp Shape is helping the orthotic labs to cope with the unpreventable changes.

Recently we have seen quite a few new concepts in foot scanning, orthotic design and manufacturing. They are offered to orthotics labs and to podiatrists directly. Sharp Shape has been in this field for a long time and it has the know-how to make better and cheaper products more professionally. Besides, Sharp Shape is innovative and always brings the newest technology to the orthotic industry at the first available time. These are the motives for us to create AOMS TOT Fit.

AOMS TOT Fit also brings opportunities to the orthotic labs. AOMS TOT Fit currently only makes semi-custom orthotics. It does not do the finishing work, such as top cover and accommodations. For an orthotic lab, AOMS TOT Fit has potentials. One possibility is that the lab takes the STL files generated from the app and manufacture the finished orthotics for the app users.

At the moment, there are challenges in 3D printing. The major obstacle is the high cost. That is why many labs are still using CNC milling machines. This may change in the dynamic world and no one knows how quickly. So orthotic labs still have the time to catch up and make gradual transitions.

A side note: 28 years ago when we set up the first couple of AOMS systems, some lab employees were afraid of being replaced by machines. They got used to the AOMS system as soon as they knew how to operate the AOMS. Many of the employees have been using the AOMS for more than 20 years now.

How to start using AOMS TOT Fit? Sharp Shape System Icon

Details regarding how to set up and use AOMS TOT Fit are introduced in this web link (or you can tap or click the above icon). System Requirements, Precautions & Limitations are described there too. Please read them carefully.

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