What's New in Sharp Shape?
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* It Is Time to Take a Good Look at Apple (July, 2017)

Throughout the 25-year history of Sharp Shape, we almost always used PCs. Our AOMS programs are widely used in orthotic labs, on their PCs. With the recent development of Apple and its products, we feel it is the time to take a look at Apple. This Sharp Shape PDF document explains why. Our recent foot scanning approach is the AOMS TOT (iPad Foot Scanner). Introductory information can be found here and setup / tutorial information can be found here.

Sharp Shape Working Together Works

* New AOMS TOT app, version 1.7, was just released (May, 2017)

What’s new in this version? 1. A 2D foot image, as an option, can be attached to the file package. This image aids lab technicians in manufacturing foot orthotics. 2. Newer Structure Sensor SDK version 0.6.3 is used. 3. Newer Dropbox API v2 is used. 4. Add ‘cc’ email address in settings to ease the work for users who need a second email address. 5. Corrected a few typos and weak points in the previous version 1.6. AOMS TOT app concentrates on: simplicity, efficiency, unlocked file format, and unlocked destinations for sending files. Visit AOMS TOT Page 1, or Page 2.

* AOMS TOT App Email Related Topics (February 2017)

Some AOMS TOT App users have questions regarding how to use email, especially how to enter second email address, to send images. The PDF document ‘AOMS TOT App Email Related Topics’ explains the email-related topics. You can click the document link or the illustration below to read the document.


* What is going on? (December 2016)

What’s new lately? Not much in the R&D field. However, we upgraded several old systems and set up a few new systems. Customers are our #1 priority. The photo (click here) shows a joint effort between Sharp Shape and Polh CNC, an authorized distributor for Freedom Machine Tool. The effort is to make three identical/simultaneous pairs of diabetic insoles on CNC router, and three rows can be scheduled together. It emphasizes quality, productivity, and durability.

Sharp Shape Polh CNC Joint Effort

* AOMT TOT Tutorial, Part 4 (August 2016)

A newly made AOMT TOT Tutorial, Part 4 is ready. It is an important episode, because it is based on the feedbacks from the iPad scanner users. Click here to see video. or click the following illustration.

AOMT TOT Tutorial Part 4 Title

* Print Foot-Image in Real-Size (August 2016)

This is an experimental feature that we recently added to the AOMS TOT Processor software. For more information, please visit Click this page or click the following illustration.

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT Processor Printing Foot-Image in Real-Size

* AOMS TOT MILL - a new production process (July 2016)

AOMS TOT MILL is a new automated orthotic manufacturing process. It emphasizes on simplicity with latest new technologies. Click the AOMS TOT MILL info page for details. Our current research and development revolve around the new technologies, i.e. the iPad scanner, 3D printer and AOMS 2.0 software.

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT MILL Concept

* Improved AOMS TOT processing/conversion software (Jan. 2016)

The original AOMS TOT processing/conversion software was intent to process and convert files generated from scanning feet using the AOMS TOT app. Some customers asked us to include other files generated from scanning negative casts (plaster casts and foam boxes) and from scanning positive casts (poured plaster molds). We recently made such improvements. These functions are available in the software Version 2.3 and above. Imagine that! A low-cost, handheld 3D scanner replaces both 3D foot scanner and cast scanner all together. Note: guidelines of scanning casts need to be followed. Refer to the info page or the link for setup and tutorials.

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT All Casts Image

* What was new in Year 2015? (December 2015)

Ow! Time flies by so fast. Although swamped with daily work, two important R&D projects were implemented in 2015. The AOMS TOT has been out of beta-testing. The AOMS 3DPRN is still in beta-testing. If you google low-cost iPad 3D foot scanner, you will w-w-w.s-h-a-r-p-s-h-a-p-e.c-o-m. When you w-w-w…, you will find the amazing AOMS TOT which lowers your scanner cost. Sorry for the poor grammar, but it works. Together with our 3D printer package (AOMS 3DPRN), AOMS TOT provides you a personalized benchtop AOMS (Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System).

* Introducing AOMS 3DPRN - 3D printer software (Sept. 2015)

3D printers have caught the attention of people from all walks of life for several years now. After the initial excitement, the matter calmed down a little because of the bottleneck in speed and limited choice in materials. A lot of 3D printers are currently used in creating toys and souvenirs only. Instead of waiting for another breakthrough, we are releasing the orthotic-design software, hoping some companies out there have better solutions in faster speed and suitable material. Technologies are surely improving. Sharp Shape has been concentrating in the practical use of 3D printers for foot orthotic production for some time. The software package that we created may help you to turn your 3D printer from a toy-maker to a profitable workhorse. It is still in the beta testing phase. For information about it, please visit: AOMS 3DPRN System Information, or click the photo below.

Sharp Shape AOMS 3DPRN Orthotic Printing Image

* When iPad 3D scanner meets AOMS®: AOMS TOT (Aug 2015)

AOMS TOT ™ is a technology package, which includes a small 3D laser scanner named Structure Sensor, a customized Apple iPad app named AOMS TOT, and a Windows processing/conversion program designed for labs to convert OBJ files to RAW files. RAW files can be used in the AOMS systems to produce orthotics in many labs around the world. For easiness of discussion, we call the scanner made of the iPad, the Structure Sensor and the AOMS TOT app the iPad Foot Scanner. The movement goes towards mobility and low-cost. Although there are some obstacles (the largest one being the neutral position casting), this technology represents a new direction for foot scanning in the future. For system descriptions, please click the link AOMS TOT System Information or the photo below. For system requirements and tutorials, please visit www.sharpshape.com/aomstot.html.

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT iPad Structure Sensor Foot Scanner Approach

* Introducing AOMS SPC (July 2015)

If you are a lab owner or a lab manager using the AOMS® system, it's very likely that you want to control the quality of the orthotics made from the manufacturing process. If you are a lab technician using the AOMS® system, it's likely that you have corrected thousands of foot casts. These files contain your expertise in orthotic designing. You want to make sense out of them, but how? There were no better tools until now. AOMS SPC is a Windows-based program that utilizes the SPC principles on the COR files generated from the AOMS® systems. Click here to view more details: Introducing Sharp Shape AOMS SPC.

Sharp Shape AOMS SPC

* Introducing AOMS INSO TRIM (July 2015)

It is not easy to draw insole boundaries with freehand, even with a template at side as reference. Just assume you have drawn a perfect boundary shape you like, how do you scale them into different sizes? Further assume you have made a set of good ones with different sizes, how do you carry them out to produce real insoles with EVA, vinyl, or cork? Hydraulic punchers can be used, but it is a heavy equipment and steel dies are expensive to produce and to modify. Let’s assume you can produce the desired insoles, how do you modify them if there are needs for change? With the AOMS INSO TRIM and the CNC machines, you can put those dreams into reality. Click here to view more details: Introducing AOMS INSO TRIM.

Introducing AOMS INSO TRIM

* Introducing AnyFoot from Sharp Shape (July 2015)

We have finished the R&D on AnyFoot a couple of years ago. Because of the very nature of this project, we considered it was confidential and kept it as ‘classified’. With the advances in scanning technologies, and with the emergence of many type of scanners, we declassify this project now. This project has been out of beta testing. Update: a much better choice is the AOMS TOT (Aug. 2015). If you are interested in AnyFoot anyways, please contact us for details. Click here to view more details: Introducing AnyFoot from Sharp Shape - Brief.

Sharp Shape AOMS SPC

* Article in Podiatry Management, Page 136, issue of January 2015

This is an article which explains the methodolody that we used in our AOMS systems. It is very informative by providing details about the technologies that we use. Here is the article: Sharp Shape Profiles In Excellence Podiatry Management Page 136 January 2015.

Sharp Shape Profiles In Excellence Podiatry Management Page 136 January 2015

* Sharp Shape Scanners Used with Apple Computers (Jan. 2015)

Our USB scanners were designed to be used on PCs with Windows. Some customers asked for the possibility of using an Apple computer. Our current successful trial was based on Apple’s Mac Mini, OS 10.10 Yosemite. For our use, we need to do “boot camp” on the Apple computer. In theory, besides Mac Mini, any Apple computers with Intel processors can be used for our purpose, but more experiments need to be made. For details, please contact us. Click here for the photo.

Sharp Shape Scanners Used with Apple Computers

* New colors to our foot scanners (November 2014)

Besides our regular black color, we added beige and gray colors to our foot scanners. Motivated by the feedback from our customers, we recently added these color options to our foot scanners. Click the picture below to see details. Click here for the photo showing two colors.

* Foot Scanner Ordering System (July 2014)

We have just introduced an orthotic ordering system for our foot scanner users. This product makes the orthotic ordering through the Sharp Shape scanners as easy as 1-2-3. Click here for the screenshot.

Sharp Shape Ordering Software Screenshot Intro

* Foot Orthotics Matching System (June 2014)

With the recent developments and improvements in our foot matching system, we are re-introducing the Sharp Shape Foot Orthotic Matching System (FOMS™) to you. Tens of thousands of COR files (cast correction files) cannot be fully utilized until now. Click here for a screenshot.

Sharp Shape Matching Software Screenshot Intro

* Created ‘Investors’ page (April 2014)

Click the ‘Investors’ tab to find more information.

* Created 'AOMS Participating Labs' page (Feb. 2014)

Click the ‘Labs’ tab to find or to join the 'AOMS Participating Labs'.

* Created 2 tutorial video clips. We will add more. (Feb. 2014)

Click the ‘Products’ tab and navigate to the end of the page.

* Created 'Hands-on' kit to make website user-interactive (Jan. 2014)

Click the ‘Gallery’ tab, scroll down to the end, to review the 3D objects that we created.

* We just digitally signed our scanner software drivers (Dec. 2013)

Click the ‘Downloads’ tab and find 'Signed Drivers Section'.

* We did R&D on 3D Printer / some customers asked for it (Dec. 2013)

Click the ‘R&D’ tab and find more.

* We poured a lot of technical information into ‘Downloads’ (Oct. 2013)

Click the ‘Downloads’ tab and find out.

* AOMS® trademark registered . 3D AOMS Lady created (May 2013)

AOMS® stands for 'Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System', designed, made and integraded by Sharp Shape. Click 'Gallery' tab to view more.

* Celebrating 20 years of making a difference (Jan. 2013)

While celebrating the 20th anniversary in January 2013, Sharp Shape became a fine ‘man’ at its prime. Compared with the way the foot orthoses were made 20 years ago, the difference that Sharp Shape made in the foot orthosis manufacturing process is monumental. Sharp Shape has set up 84 AOMS™ systems around the world, with 50 in the United States, 23 in Canada, 4 in Australia, 1 in New Zealand, and 6 in Europe. These counts do not include scanner sales. AOMS™ is the backbone of the orthotic labs. Tens of millions of foot orthoses were made through the AOMS™ systems with no royalties were charged. To see the difference, click: Sharp Shape Difference.

What’s ahead for Sharp Shape in 2017?

First, we are beta-testing our AOMS 3DPRN, which is part of AOMS 2.0 we are working on. It is a much more powerful environment than the traditional AOMS 1.0. Second, we will propagate the result of AOMS 3DPRN to the AOMS 2.0 milling software. If we can accomplish the above two projects, it is not bad for a small business, eh?

Sharp Shape AOMS Steps