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AOMS TOT System Requirements, Implementation & Tutorials

The Structure Sensor: find it at When you order it, please find the appropriate mounting bracket according to your iPad model. So you need to have the model of your iPad in mind. The compatible iPads are listed in:

Apple iPad: find it at Although only the iPad Air 2 was used during our development, the Structure Sensor manufacturer listed the compatible iPad models on their website: the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, 3 & 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad (4th Generation). Refer to the above for details. Because of the lower cost and smaller size, the iPad Mini 2, 3 & 4 may be a better choice, since the iPad scanner can be easily put into the pocket of a lab coat.

The AOMS TOT app: on your iPad, launch the App Store. In the App Store, use the Search function and type in keywords AOMS TOT. After finding the app, download the app to your iPad. The current version is 1.7. Sharp Shape will maintain and support this app. Many apps require the users to send files to dedicated companies. Our app does not limit you in this aspect. You can send files to your own email or DropBox, or to your supplier’s email or DropBox. It is a freedom.

Find an AOMS lab: you can search one from, or contact us for more choices. Not all AOMS labs are listed there.

Communicate with the lab: negotiate price and turn-around time with the lab. Then find out how to send scanned 3D image files to the lab and how to fill and send orders to the lab.

Get familiar with the app: read the following contents carefully and contact Sharp Shape if you have any technical questions.

AOMS TOT Tutorial Part 1 (basic operation):

Click Play to see the video. You will need speakers for sound.
Try different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.), or download the video for better quality.

Trouble with the video? Get the smaller version (iPhone), or use YouTube, or Google+.

AOMS TOT Tutorial Part 2 (settings and files):

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Try different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.), or download the video for better quality.

Trouble with the video? Get the smaller version (iPhone), or use YouTube, or Google+.

AOMS TOT Tutorial Part 3 (hints and tips):

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Try different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.), or download the video for better quality.

Trouble with the video? Get the smaller version (iPhone), or use YouTube, or Google+.

AOMS TOT Tutorial Part 4 (mission-specific, NEW):

Click Play to see the video. You will need speakers for sound.
Try different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.), or download the video for better quality.

AOMS TOT Troubleshooting Q&A:

Q: Is the AOMS TOT app unstable, buggy, and troublesome?
A: No. The app currently in the App Store is very robust and simple to use, which is suitable for orthotic ordering and production. We have not received any crash-report yet. Please let us know your experience. The app requires a one-time setup, which may need some skills. Please continue to read for more information.

Q: I cannot find AOMS TOT in the Apple App Store when I use my iPhone, why?
A: You need to use an iPad to search for AOMS TOT in the Apple App Store. The App Store for iPhone does not have it (at the time of writing), since the app is not made for iPhone and it is made for iPad. The reason why we have not made an app for a Smartphone is explained in AOMS TOT Info Page.

Q: After I have installed the AOMS TOT app, it seems I cannot link to my DropBox, why?
A: We have heard of this issue and some customers found solutions as shown here. First, there is a setting which is related to the DropBox. You need to turn it on. Second, you need to set up your email address on your iPad, but you do not have to use the email in the AOMS TOT. Third, you may need to exit the app (or turn off the iPad) and re-enter the app, in order to activate the DropBox dialog box. Regarding how to exit an app, and regarding how to turn on/off iPad, please watch the Tutorial - Part 2 above. The related content is at time 7:10 in the video clip.

Q: Do I need training to scan feet?
A: You do need some practice, or training, but the training can be self-taught. Find another person for help. Scan his or her foot either in the supine or prone position. If you are not satisfied with the scanned image, do not save the files and do not send them. Go back and do a re-scan.

Q: How long does it take to scan a foot?
A: There is no gold standard. Note that for orthotic production, we need the image data mainly for the plantar surface and possibly for the sides around the heel. A reference time-duration from a couple of experienced users is about 10 seconds after tapping the Scan button. You can find your own comfortable time-duration after practice. Do not forget to rotate the scanner around the foot during scan, so you can enrich the data for the plantar surface and get some data around the sides of the foot. The rotation angle does not have to be large; a 30-degree fan will be fine.

Q: What is regular file size of the OBJ files generated from the AOMS TOT app?
A: The file size of the OBJ file generated from the AOMS TOT app is about 1MB to 5MB, depending on the foot size and how much detail the image has. It is considered a small file size, compared with the files created from some other scanners, which may be several hundreds of MB. File size does influence the manufacturing process, e.g. the smaller, the easier and faster. Files need to be wirelessly transferred through WiFi (email or DropBox or both). Some email providers have a size limit. DropBox provides free hosting when the total file size is within their limit. You can check with your service providers for details.

Q: Is the iPad mini (WiFi, 16 GB) compatible with AOMS TOT?
A: We have not tried it yet, but a customer told us it worked. When you have an older iPad model, we are not quite sure yet. However, it is worth a try to save your expense. You may need to download the latest iOS from Apple. Remember to order the right mounting bracket when you order the Structure Sensor.

Q: What is your AOMS TOT app security / privacy policy?
A: AOMS TOT app was not programmed to send any information to Sharp Shape or to any person/business, except the recipients you intend to send to through email or DropBox. We do not even know who are using it, because the purchase of the app is handled by the Apple App Store.

Q: This same scanner is used in different apps. Is there a difference?
A: This is a third-party portable 3D scanner that had been on the market for various purposes. We made a special app (AOMS TOT) for it, which makes it more suitable for scanning feet and for making orthotics. At the same time, we made a Windows conversion/processing program, which links the scans (OBJ files) generated from the app to the AOMS systems.

Q: There are other conversion/processing programs, why Sharp Shape’s?
A: AOMS is the most popular automated orthotic manufacturing system. It reads our RAW files. Since we have not released the RAW file format, others have to go through reverse-engineering in order to get into the AOMS. Because of the variables (some of them are floating numbers) used in the RAW file format, reverse-engineered RAW files may not be the same as the original RAW files. Besides, our processing/conversion program provides noise-cropping, yaw, pitch, and roll, which have been implemented in our regular scan programs for years and many customers got used to them. These good features provide better images for the AOMS systems to process and to make better orthotics.

Q: How important is it to follow the instructions and rules for scanning?
A: It is important. It is all about accuracy, consistency, and quality of the image and the final product: orthoses. Foot width and length vary somewhat, depending on the distance and orientation of the iPad foot scanner. Calibration and compensation are made in our conversion/processing program. However, the result of these efforts also relies on the good scanning skills, just like casting a patient with plaster; certain rules need to be followed. The related information starts at 4:30 in Tutorial Part 1.

Q: What is the most important issue that you heard from existing previous customers?
A: An important lesson we learnt from our experienced customers who have been using the iPad Foot Scanner is to make sure that the WiFi is connected, so either email or DropBox will work. If not, the user has to use a cable and special software (iTunes) to get the images out of the iPad.

Q: If no WiFi connected, how do I get the files?
A: If no WiFi is connected, you can use a PC or a Mac to download the files from the iPad. You need Apple’s special cable (one side is USB connecting to a PC and the other side connecting to the iPad) that fit your iPad and you need Apple’s iTunes software on the PC. This is just one way we have tried. A customer told us they can use a third-party app to browse and send old files out, but we have not tried it. You can do your own research.

Q: How do you compare the regular 3D foot scanner and the iPad Foot Scanner?
A: It is hard to make itemized comparisons. We do not want to mislead you. We recommend tests to be made by the iPad Foot Scanner users and the labs that host such users. The cost on the iPad Foot Scanner (iPad Mini + the Structure Sensor + AOMS TOT app) is less than $800. Note that the computer (the iPad) is included in this price. Our regular 3D foot scanner costs $2,500, which does not include the computer. Labs can get a starter kit from us at a minimum cost. We learnt that some labs even provide the iPad Foot Scanner free of charge if their client satisfies a minimum number of images.

Q: Why I have trouble to launch the AOMS TOT App with iOS 11?
A: Some AOMS TOT App users reported trouble to launch the app. The app quits immediately after it is being launched. The users have to do it for 3 to 5 times, in order to make a successful launch. We noticed this problem and contacted the Structure Sensor manufacturer. We learnt that the problem was introduced by an earlier iOS 11. The problem was reported to Apple. Apple recently released and update for the iOS 11, which solved the problem. As of March 1, 2018, the problem can be solved by installing newer iOS 11. If you have the same problem, you need to update iOS 11 on your iPad.

AOMS TOT App Email Related Topics (February 2017)

Some AOMS TOT App users have questions regarding how to use email, especially how to enter a second email address to send images. The PDF document "AOMS TOT App Email Related Topics" explains the email-related topics. You can click the document link or the illustration below to read the document.


Message to the labs:

If you want to help the customers who are using the 3D iPad Foot Scanner, please contact Sharp Shape. In brief, you must be an AOMS lab and you will need the Windows AOMS TOT processing/converting program to convert the OBJ files, which are generated from the AOMS TOT app. This Windows program will extract 3D data from the OBJ files and convert the data to the RAW files that the AOMS systems accept. Customers need to contact you for ordering details, like how to send the OBJ files to you. For example, they can use email, or they can use DropBox, or some other ways. You need to have your own way to have the order forms sent to your lab. There are some ways to do it, and most labs prefer their own ways. If you are not sure, please contact us.

Please send us your feedback. More information will be added.
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